An Emerging Artform...

As a classically trained oil painter, I love real paint.  There is nothing better than spending days on end standing at the easel painting in my favorite Williamsburg Oils.  From the underpainting right through to the finish work, it's an alluring dance of color, value, texture, and form.  Everything has to be just right to achieve the likeness of the subject. There is little that excites me more than stepping back and saying, "That's her!"

But there's something different about these three photographs of my painted work...

These are the only three photographs of "real" oil painting that you'll find on this site!

Don't panic... keep scrolling!

What are all the rest of the paintings if they're not oil on canvas?!

They are paintings... but not in a traditional sense.

In our "gotta have it now" society, waiting 6-12 months for an oil on canvas is something most aren't willing to do.  Several years back, this prompted me to begin experimenting with modern technology.

Using my knowledge of real paint, I created my own, custom Photoshop brushes from my beloved Williamsburg Oil Paint. In doing so, I have faithfully recreated the work I do in oils, and believe it or not -- I do it all in Photoshop! 

Please don't misunderstand -- this isn't some quick, one-click filter. 

One-click filters won't allow you to deviate from the photograph very much (if at all) and generally have a very "mechanical" appearance.

In this comparison, it's easy to see which version was hand-painted.  There is simply no way to accomplish the third photograph without working brushstroke by brushstroke, exactly as I would in traditional oils.

(Is it even really a comparison?! Somehow it seems unfair to the one-click filter. 😂

While I use a screen as my canvas and a stylus as my brush, every stroke is placed one at a time just as if I'm standing at the easel working in oils. For this reason, it is 100% accurate to say that this is equal to painting in oils in every way -- with the exception of the smelly solvents and the dry time. 

This short video will allow you to see the entire process of transforming a black and white photograph into a one-of-a-kind painting.  You'll see me add a bit of color to the black and white photograph through the magic of Photoshop, (just for a working base) and then I'll begin manually adding paint until the artwork is complete.  The flashing you'll see is me turning the black and white photograph on and off to view the reference.  The video is many hours compressed into several minutes and it left somewhat of a strobe effect 😂


Why choose a Photoshop painting over "real" oils?


The time to paint oil on canvas is extensive.  Easily a six-month or more time investment to allow time for the paint, dry, paint, dry cycle.  If you hate waiting, this is definitely a place where Photoshop painting has an edge.  Photoshop paintings can be complete in as little as 4 weeks!  (Rush service is available with roughly a 2 week turn around.  Fees apply.)


Oil is expensive.  Canvas is expensive.  The time required to create oil on canvas means even more expense.  This is why traditionally, oil paintings have been something reserved for the extreme upper class.  The cost of a Photoshop painting is roughly 1/3 of that of traditional oil on canvas making this beautiful art form accessible to most.  If budget is a concern, you can have the look of oils at a fraction of the price.


Don't live in Tennessee?  No problem!  I will ship Photoshop paintings directly to your door.  This is something I simply do not do with oil on canvas due to a carrier destroying one several years back.  If I can reproduce it in the case of damage, I can ship it!  Photoshop painting for the win!

Disaster Insurance

No one wants to think about losing their home but unfortunately, it does happen.  Should you lose your custom artwork in some sort of disaster event, it may be possible to have it recreated inexpensively.  I can't guarantee the ability to recreate a painting indefinitely, because disasters could happen to me as well. But rest assured, I have industry-standard, enterprise-level backups that should provide protection to most catastrophic events.  I'll even provide you with an insurance certificate to prove the value as well as the loss to the carrier of your homeowner's policy.

Completed Artwork

When your painting is complete, you'll be sent a proof via email for your approval. You'll be asked to choose a frame from a couple of choices that complement the painting.

Quotes include one revision to the painting.  This is especially important with restoration work as I can't always discern fine detail. Additional fee for multiple revisions.

Every custom painting arrives beautifully framed and ready for display. No surprises!  All quotes include the cost of printing and framing. 

Are you beginning to imagine your favorite photograph as a painting?

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Price based on quality of reference, number of subjects, and size of completed painting.
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