Digital vs. Traditional Artwork

Even in our fast paced, digital world there is something special about a hand painted portrait. I understand that finding a skilled artist can be a challenge, but you’ve come to the right place! It is one of my very favorite things to do! Creating the sketch, mixing colors to get just the right hue, and the tactile sensation of putting brush to canvas renews my artistic soul! My preferred traditional medium is oil paint. Oil paintings can take a significant amount of time to paint, and then require an exceptionally long period of dry time before they are safe to ship.  I can assure you - it is worth the wait!

But what if you need more than one copy of the same painting?  These days my creations can be done both in a digital format and a traditional format. With digital, it possible to have multiple copies made (one for you, one for the grandparents perhaps?). It’s very difficult to tell digital works are not created with traditional mediums without super close inspection!

I know what you’re thinking, “Wait – how can these be REAL paintings if they’re digital? Please understand, there is a vast difference between computer generated, “one click” pictures that software companies try to pass off as paintings versus art pieces that are created using the computer as a tool. Having used both traditional mediums such as oils and graphite, as well as the digital medium available today, I can assure you that although I use the computer as my “canvas” and a graphics tablet and pen as my “brush” I still apply each stroke individually. In every sense of the word, these are REAL paintings. Here are some examples of my recent work…

Art from YOUR snapshots!

Many of the images in the above presentation were created directly from client snapshots!

I don’t know about you but my hard drives are just FULL of snapshots of my kids. I adore their little faces, but hanging them on the wall is another story. Tacky clothes, unfolded laundry in the background, trees growing out of their heads…. there’s a long list of reasons that keeps me from displaying some of my favorites.

And what about grandparents? I only have a handful of snapshots of my Grandmother who has since passed away. I love having a graphite portrait of her hanging in my home! I’m sure you’ve found yourself longing for wall worthy portraits of family members (or pets?). Let’s work together to get the best result possible!

Yes – this is one occasion when I can work from YOUR photograph. I really enjoy hand drawing portraits. Creating a hand drawn portrait is not like the caricature artist at the fair – done in only minutes. I spend hours upon hours laboring over every minute little detail to keep the portrait as close to the reference image as I possibly can. This results in a unique piece of art that your family will cherish for generations!